Cochin Backwaters

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Kerala is a spot gifted with some charming vacation destinations which make it not-to-be missed tourist destination. God’s own country Kerala offers you a chance to explore its remarkable natural beauty that lies in its tropical greenery and beautiful backwaters. A standout amongst the most striking attractions of Kerala is its backwaters that take you to a totally different planet. Here vacationers can enjoy the timeless wonderfulness of nature. The delightfulness of the backwaters could be explored by cruising on houseboats that are accessible on hire.

Being exceptionally excellent the backwaters of Kerala are must watch throughout your tour to Kerala. Going to backwaters is superb vacations experience that excites the sightseers to come year after year. The stunning sights of backwaters offer a glorious chance to explore the network of lagoons, canals and lakes that are surrounded with the thick coconut trees. Some of the exciting and picturesque backwater destinations where tourists can enjoy the houseboat cruise are Cochin backwaters tour.

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In spite of the fact that the whole state of Kerala is famous for its backwaters, Cochin backwaters are around the most frequented ones. Infact, various backwaters travels either start or close in the city. While you put up at any of the hotels, make sure to take at some point out for a Kochi backwaters tour. With water birds, wild blooms/flowers and rich greenery along their banks, the backwaters in Kochi present the most stunning view.

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Cochin Backwaters provides the starting and completing point of the Kerala backwaters. This is an extraordinary city in Kerala and is a standout amongst the most valuable land of the backwater tourism. The houseboats journey give cruising on grand smooth islands, shallow body of water and Small River full of vibrating coconut palm trees. The travelers on their Cochin houseboats cruising endeavor over the glorious backwater journey the tourist also can stay the most popular visitant attractions for example Jewish Synagogue, Cochin Fort, Mattancherry Palace and St Francis Church and many other attractions.

Houseboat cochin

If you arrange out your Kochi tour a little more efficiently, you can also catch the Indira Gandhi Boat Race. It is conducted in the moving backwaters of Cochin, throughout the last week of December. This boat race substitutes as the finale to the tourism fair held simply before it. This boat race was founded in the cherishing memory of previous Prime Minister of India, Smt. Indira Gandhi. Numerous teams of boat rowers, seated on the long snake boat with bending fronts, join in this race.

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They attempt their forceful most efficiently to wade past one another hurriedly in order to score the desired trophy. Then, many locals and sightseers throng the edge of the waterways where the race is held. The entire of Kochi or Cochin wears a jubilee look throughout the boat races. Another attraction for visitors is Kettuvallam or the houseboats handling in the Cochin backwaters. Connected by artificial canals, these backwaters serve as an economical method of travel.

Cherai Beach

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Kerala is a mysterious and glorious land blessed with Golden beaches, backwater channels, green hills, coconut grooves, and rich cultural heritages. All these striking attractions make this area a perfect destination to spend vacations. You can be sure of having an outstanding experience with your family and friends. History reveals that about 2000 years ago, people sailed to Kerala in inquiry of flavors, ivory and sandalwood. It is a heaven on the earth, which has wealth of regular assets. Around all the attractions in Kerala, its mysterious winding shores are conspicuous and Cherai beach is all time favorites of frequent visitors.

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This captivating beach of Kerala is just 30 Km far from Kochi. It lies on the north of Vypin Island. It is a 10km long brilliant golden beach, which is extremely clean, alleviating and shallow. Natural force has blessed this beach with calm and cool backwaters and decorated this area with lavish green coconut tree grooves and cashew-nut trees. This is one of the best places to visit near Cochin. Cherai Beach is differing from the other beaches in Kerala, as it holds exceptional assets. There is enchanting and magic in the air, perfect synchronization and poise.

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For all those people who wish to rejuvenate and seek peace from their busy urban life, cherai beach is the everlasting paradise for them. This minor part of the Arabian Sea looks lovely with the ideal impression of the blue sky above it. The sunrays falling on the clear warm water is very welcoming and it would be a great experience to swim in it. Cherai beach is notorious for its heavenly and delicious seafood and you can quench your thirst with the sweet coconut water. It is a healthy way to revitalize your body. There are numerous resorts that give healing treatments, which can work wonders on you.

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At Cherai’s long beach, you can explore the beauty of the unending delightfulness of Mother Nature. While walking around this beautiful vacation spot, you could get fortunate to discover a portion of the bright crabs creeping on the delicate sands. You could get lucky to find some of the colorful crabs crawling on the soft sands. Many tourists have also claimed to have seen dolphins playfully swimming in the seawaters.

Dutch Palace Kochi

Kerala, one of the famous state in India is proudly called as the ‘God’s own country’. It has been divided into fourteen districts and has many tourist attractions. Long beaches, beautiful back waters, Hill stations, Lush green forests, exotic wildlife and picturesque sceneries attracts the tourists throughout the year. Cochin or Kochi is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Kerala.  It offers lots for those who visit Cochin.

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With surroundings rich in natural excellence and splendour, the Dutch palace kochi or Mattanchery palace in Cochin is a chronicled landmark that was introduced to the rulers by the Portuguese in the year 1555. Destroyed during the battles that occurred in the 16th Century, the royal residence was modified by the Dutch back to its unique splendour and is also regarded as the Dutch Palace.

A plenty of artwork is what attracts guests to the Palace. From epic tales of Ramayana and Bhagavatha to the captivating legends of the battle between Rama and Ravana, the ocean of dexterous art works here reach from the 16th century to 18th century painting and ever so bit by bit the last chamber showcases a touch of European style of work of art. This enticing assortment of artwork gives the palace a matchless claim.

The building design of the Dutch palace is exactly as enthralling. An encroaching two-storied quadrangular separated into large chambers depicts typical Nalakettu architecture. The palace is an absolute place for those who are interested to visit by getting an accurate taste of this royal period and the Rajas. Honoring wonderful royal representations, beautifications, palanquins and a few other individual belongings of the incredible Kings of the time, this palace is is sure take one on a journey through time.

The Palace also emphasizes a temple dedicated to ‘pazhayannur Bhagavati’ – the Royal Family’s goddess. There are temples at this premises devoted to Lords Krishna and Siva too. Guests to the city are afforded numerous different sights and attractions which are most unique to the state. The state is also proud for the warm cordiality it extends to all its guests and they proudly present a range of accommodation options for those interested in exploring its beauty.

The Hill Palace Museum

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Not many nations can match India’s versatility as a vacation spot. Bragging everything from perfect beaches to glorious mountains, really dehydrated places to lush green tropical woodlands, travelers will variety of things to do in the southern country. That being said, no trip to India might be recognized finish without going by the southern state of Kerala. Known for its broad backwaters, rich views and curious houseboats, the state is a standout amongst the most well known destination inside the nation. There are various interesting sights in Kerala, the Hill Palace Museum being one of them.

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The hill palace museum is located Thripunithura, 10 km from Ernakulum town of central Kerala. This museum is one of the first heritage museums of Kerala and which is famous for royal collections of the erstwhile Maharaja of Kochi or Cochin. This is the one of the best places to visit near Cochin. This famous hill palace museum is constructed in 1865 by the Maharaja of Cochin or Kochi. The Hill Palace complex is made out of forty nine buildings, manufactured along with regional architecture styles, and it is spread crosswise over fifty acres of land of area. Additionally housed inside the unpredictable are children’s park and a deer park. The presentations at the gallery are separated into fourteen classifications including weapons, marble and stone models, coins, and so on. The greater parts of the shows have been given by the Cochin Royal Family.

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It is an enthralling place to visit and can provide some interesting bits of knowledge into the area’s history. The museum is administered by the Kerala State Archaeological Department and it is opened for the public people each day with the exception of Monday. Opening times in the morning are between 9 am and 1 pm, and between 2 pm and 5 pm toward the evening. The palace is arranged pretty nearly twelve kilometers from mainland Ernakulum and could be arrived at via auto or train.

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There are many other tourist destinations one can visit in Ernakulum. Like the places of worship, for example the St Mary’s Patriarchal Cathedral and St. Thomas Catholic Church, temples like Ernakulathapan Temple and Valanjambalam Devi Temple, and parks like the Subash Park and the Children’s Park.

Best Places to visit near Cochin

If you are planning to visit some intriguing places in Southern part of India then you might as well make the decision of going to Kochi. Kochi’s a standout amongst the most well-known cities in Indian state of Kerala, South India. It was some time ago regarded as Cochin. It is considered as economical capital of Kerala. Being one of the best and celebrated tourism destination in the state it offers vacationers various eye catching attractions like beaches, forts, backwaters, social legacy, chapels, old palaces, temples, Chinese fishing nets, and many more. Kochi is well known for its rich culture, tradition and magnificent past.

Right away tourists going to Kochi have another incentive to rejoice. Tourists from each and every corner of the globe visit this city of Kerala in huge numbers. In Kochi there are a few old colonial that were possessed by Jews, Portuguese, and Dutch. All old houses are currently being changed over into traveler homes offering tourists a royal taste and wonderful accommodation. There are numbers of places to visit near Cochin. Within one day you cannot cover all the places of Kochi. Most popular Cochin attractions include, Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi, St Francis Church, Bolghatty Palace, Dutch Palace, and Kochi Harbour.

Chinese Fishing Nets

Chinese Fishing Nets Cochin

The Chinese angling nets are most popular and extraordinary attractions of Kerala which is renowned for its remarkable excellence. The aforementioned nets can only be seen in Cochin, not anyplace else in India. Because of their indistinguishable beauty these fishing nets captivate tourists for long time. Throughout Kochi tour vacationers can see lines of Chinese fishing nets suspended on the seashore. The row upon rows of these nets increases the charm of Kochi beaches which enthralls visitors the most.

St Francis Church

St.Francis Church Fort Kochi

Known as one of the oldest churches in the country, the St. Francis Church was one of the first European religious locales to have been built in the nation. Upon development, the church was devoted to the benefactor example of piety of Portugal, Saint Antonio. Today, the church attracts hundreds of locals and foreign visitors who believe in the divine powers said to be vested within the age-old building or those who simply want to savour the beauty of its architecture.

Whenever you are planning a tour to Kerala never miss to visit places near Cochin. This charming seaside town is flanked by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west. Its proximity to the equator, the sea and the mountains provide a rich experience of a moderate equatorial climate. Thrissur, Idukki, Kottayam and Allapuzha are the nearest town situated close to Kochi and each the city are having its own significance for the skin “Gods Own Country”.